Press Release: Greenstone Slate Joins forces with SlateTec

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March 24, 2016

Poultney, VT, March 24, 2016 – In their continued efforts to bring innovative products to the roofing industry Greenstone Slate is pleased to announce that it is teaming with SlateTec as their North American Distributor.

“We are always looking for products that allow more people to experience the beauty and longevity of a natural slate roof. SlateTec provides solutions to projects that would have been limited by the constraints of traditional slate installations.” – Jonathan Hill, President of Greenstone Slate

Greenstone Slate is a 60-year-old family quarry business, specializing in the extracting and manufacturing all of the slate colors inherent to the Vermont slate region. With four major quarry properties operating and three facilities producing, Greenstone has tremendous control of its own high quality Vermont roofing shingles.

SlateTec brings a proven slate product with over 15 years of experience to the forefront of the slate industry. SlateTec has performed and successfully completed all the various testing required of a high quality roofing product. The engineering capabilities are further enhanced by utilizing only the highest quality slate product.

“The coupling of these two concepts benefits both homeowners and project managers with improved waterproofing, decreased weight requirement and the product security of a 100 year slate. These should be recognized as the top benefits of the system, but are often under appreciated by the true natural beauty of the system-homeowners simply love the look of their SlateTec roof.” – Michael McDonough, President of SlateTec

This is indicated by our many satisfied clients.

“Thank you for coming out to our house as you said you would. The project is still in progress, thanks to some unexpected storms and the need for more copper fabrication. [The installer] is treating our roof like a museum-quality mosaic and laying it out and installing the slate very meticulously. They are working on the front where we can finally see the product without climbing a ladder. I am not sure what adjective would be most appropriate-stunning, gorgeous, and spectacular! It has transformed our home. We have had numerous inquiries from neighbors.” – Mary M. (Homeowner), Los Angeles, CA

If you would like more information about this topic, please call Greenstone Slate at 802-287-4333 or contact us here.


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