Slate Accessories

A slate roof is one of the best investments you can make in a home or other structure. The roof should be installed by an experienced slate roofing contractor. When installed properly, Greenstone’s slate will last at least 100 years. See our 100 year warranty.

Hardware and Accessories

copper guttersConsidering the life of a slate roof, the hardware and accessories you select should be very durable. It is economically unwise to use anything but the most permanent items utilizing non-ferrous metals. There are three major items that you will need:


Flashing should be used at all intersections of vertical or projecting surfaces through the roof or against which the roof abuts, such as walls, parapets, dormers, sides of chimneys, etc. Copper is particularly suitable for all flashings (including valleys) as it is easily worked and shaped and adjusts itself to temperature stresses.

copper nailsCopper Nails

We recommend copper nails for proper installation of slate. Copper’s ability to adjust to changes in temperature and its non-corrosive qualities make it an ideal solution for slate roofs. The slight savings of using non-copper nails will surely cost you more in repairs and will significantly shorten the life-span of your roof.

Snow Guards

Snow guards are rooftop devices that allow snow and ice to drop off in small amounts or melt completely before falling to the ground. Snow guards are installed on sloped roofs to prevent damage.

Areas of greatest concern would be:

  • Entry and walkways
  • Landscaping
  • Ground mounted mechanics
  • Lower roofs, valleys and crickets
  • Gutters and roof protrusions

Quality Slate Roof Accessories Resources

Greenstone Slate offers the following resources for quality slate roof accessories.

Slate & Copper Sales CompanySlate & Copper Sales Company

Slate And Copper Sales Co®. offers the most complete range of copper products. From our unique copper rain chains to our high quality copper gutters, we offer a wide selection of copper products that add elegance and class to your home. For more information visit

Gough SnowguardsGough Snowguards®

For over 80 years, whenever snow flies, you will see Gough SnoGuards®. For strength, endurance and aesthetics, Gough’s classic medium-height snow guard is used in new construction and retrofits. Adapted for slate, tile, asphalt shingles, wood shakes, copper, painted metal, and even modified bitumen barrel roofs. For more information, visit

Chimney PotChimney Pots

Find new, antique, dragon and custom chimney pots from around the world. From a stock of over 1,200 chimney pots, they will help you find the right one to fit any architectural need. For more information visit

Weight and material saving considerations

A lighter weight installation systems is available when the weight of the roof is a factor that must be considered. For more information visit our  Reduced Weight Slate Installation systems page.

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