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An Innovative Approach to Stone Cladding

Stone cladding adds design elegance and longevity to a building, with the important indirect benefit of very low maintenance. Consider that no painting or staining is needed with slate cladding either at the time of installation or at any time over the life of the cladding itself. The Nu-lok slate cladding installation system makes slate an outstanding solution for siding a building.

Greenstone genuine Vermont slate cladding installed using the Nu-lok system is unique and surprisingly lightweight. Each slate is suspended individually, making repairs and access to the building a simple process of removing one or more slates as needed. Some additional considerations include:

  • The natural, unique elegance and beauty of genuine slate.
  • Relative low cost of ownership and initial investment compared to other cladding materials.
  • The energy efficiency/heat stabilizing characteristics of stone can contribute to reducing heating and cooling costs.
  • The air gap between the cladding and the building wall provides ventilation and resistance to fungus and mold growth.
  • Miami-Dade County approval for installation in hurricane zones (roofing applications) is a testament to the ruggedness of the installation system design.

The University of Alaska chose Greenstone Slate with Nu-lok for cladding on their Integrated Science Building because it met the following design goals:

  • Long-term investment– Slate is natural stone (Greenstone Slate® is ASTM rated S1, the highest possible rating ) and will far outlast man-made materials.
  • The aesthetic and environmental appeal of natural slate.
  • Cost, thermal performance and access goals met.
  • Overall cost savings as a result of reduced installation time compared with other materials.
  • High wind and earthquake resistance – Miami-Dade approved.
  • Continual air circulation around the cladding solved moisture and mold concerns.
  • Contribution to energy efficiency due to the density and thermal performance of slate as well as the air space between the cladding and the building.
  • Ease of building access provided by the ability to remove slate tiles individually.

Project: University of Alaska chooses Greenstone Slate Cladding  

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Nu-lok stone cladding installation

Slate stone cladding installation: Unprecedented opportunities for building access with easy individual slate tile removal for maintenance, service, or building alterations.

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