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Greenstone Slate is available to provide you with any support and technical advice you may need with your slate roof project. If you have questions about any of the documents shown here or need any assistance in finding additional technical information, please call at us 800 619 4333 or contact us here.

Greenstone Vermont Slate

Greenstone Slate Guide to Slate Roof Installation

Greenstone Slate Installation Guide

The Greenstone Slate comprehensive guide to installing a slate roof.

Slate Roofs

Slate Roofs

An 83 page book on the installation of slate. Slate Roofs is an invaluable resource for finding answers to common questions such as the proper method of stacking slate. It also contains many techniques used in uncommon installations.

Specifying Slate

Download this standard editable form for specifying slate in compliance with AIA Specification 07315.

Learn more about  Specifying Slate.

Greenstone Slate Brochure

Every slate roof is unique with its own natural character. It integrates with a building’s overall design to offer unequaled opportunity to create visual continuity with the surrounding environment. Learn more about Greenstone Slate and Vermont S1 rated roofing slate.

Greenstone Slate ASTM independent testing for Water Absorption, Modulus of Retention, and Water Resistence

Greenstone Slate® has been classified as S1 rated slate by ASTM standards by an independent testing laboratory testing. Contact Greenstone Slate for further information and documentation.

Greenstone Slate Miami Dade Acceptance Letter

Greenstone Slate has been tested and accepted in Miami-Dade County, Florida for use as a roofing material in all areas including hurricane zones.

SlateTec Lightweight Slate Installation System

SlateTec Installation Guide

The SlateTec guide to installing a SlateTec lightweight genuine slate roof. This simple combination of the SlateTec patented interlayment and Greenstone genuine Vermont slate makes a roof that is easy to install, lightweight, and cost effective.

SlateTec Brochure

The SlateTec slate roof system is an innovative lightweight approach to installing a genuine Vermont slate roof. Using their very rugged interlayment, a SlateTec roof uses far less slate overlap than in a traditional slate installation. Learn more about SlateTec.

Nu-lok Lightweight Slate Installation System

Nu-lok™ Installation Manual

A 55-page installation manual for the Nu-lok Roofing system.

Nu-lok™ SolarRoof™ Installation Manual

A 7-page installation manual for the Nu-lok SolarRoof system.

Nu-lok Brochure

A Nu-lok™ roof is a genuine Vermont slate roof installed using out patented installation system. Nu-lok saves slate and simplifies the installation process.

The documents provided on this page for download are in PDF format which uses Adobe Acrobat Reader to display. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can obtain the free download here.

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