The slate roof on the barn above was installed 136 years ago. Natural slate can last up to 150 years when installed properly.

In the early 1990’s imitation slate was introduced to the roofing industry. When the tiles began delaminating and crumbling numerous lawsuits were the result. Manufacturers have either discontinued or attempted to reengineer their products to address these durability issues. Although, imitation slate may look like the real thing it is not as durable as natural slate. Natural slate can last up to 150 years when installed properly.

Disadvantages of Imitation Slate

  • Checking and warping is still a common occurrence.
  • It is similar in cost to natural slate.
  • Longevity has not been proven.
  • Not proven to be as stable or durable as natural slate.
  • Not all synthetic slate has a Class A fire rating.
  • Does not add the same value to home for resale as genuine slate.
  • Dye is infused to the tile during the manufacturing process. The tile itself may last but exposed to the outdoor elements the dye leaches out over time.

Advantages of Natural Slate

  • Greenstone Slate® is engineer-tested and rated ASTM S1 – the highest rating available.
  • Durability—can last 150 years or more.
  • Adds value to your property, and in most cases will outlast the structure.
  • Class A fire rating – slate is a natural stone and does not burn.
  • Installations weighing less than 6lbs/sq ft are available.
  • Recyclable
  • Greenstone Slate is Miami-Dade approved for hurricane zones.

Need more reasons to choose genuine slate over imitation? Read these testimonies from roofers on why you should avoid “fake slate”.

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