Slate for siding / cladding applications plus 3 installation methods

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The Greenstone Vermont slate siding accent on this residence was installed using traditional slate installation methods.

The Benefits of Slate Siding

  • Long-term investment: Slate is natural stone (Greenstone Slate® is ASTM rated S1, the highest possible rating) and will far outlast man-made materials.
  • Energy efficient: The energy efficiency / heat stabilizing characteristics of stone can contribute to reducing heating and cooling costs.
  • High wind and impact resistance.
  • Elegance and durability: The unique aesthetic and environmental appeal of natural slate.
  • Cost efficient: Overall cost savings as a result of reduced installation time compared with other materials.
  • Easily repaired: Each slate is individually installed making repairs are as simple as removing only the affected pieces.
  • The Nu-lok installation system provides continual air circulation around the cladding which effectively address’s moisture and mold concerns.

Slate Siding / Cladding Installation

Traditional Installation: Slate cladding is nothing new. Professional slate roofing contractors have been installing slate as siding for hundreds of years, bringing all the benefits of a slate roof to a siding project. We are ready to assist with product, technique and technical issues that may arise View more information about traditional slate installation.

Lightweight Installation: The SlateTec patented slate installation system uses a rugged interlayment under the slate offering an additional layer of protection and also reduces the amount of slate needed. This saves slate and reduces the weight installation. View our SlateTec slate siding installation video.

Lightweight Installation with added ventilation and access: The Nu-lok™ slate installation system places the slate on a grid that provides continual air circulation around the cladding effectively addressing moisture and mold concerns The grid system also reduces the amount of slate required and provides unprecedented service access. Visit our Slate Siding / Slate Cladding page to learn more about Nu-lok installation.

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