Slate Colors, Weathering, Fading…What do they all mean?

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All Greenstone slate colors have been tested and meet the S1 ASTM engineering specification, (ASTM C406*), which means they exhibit all the physical characteristics of the best quality slate available.

Slate Colors

Descriptions of slate colors can vary from supplier to supplier which can cause confusion. Roofing slate produced in North America, including Greenstone slate, fall under these general color descriptions: Black, Gray/Black, Gray, Green, Gray/Green, Purple, Variegated Purple, Mottled Purple/Green, and Red. One of the advantages of natural slate is the variations in color, shade, veining and grain – your slate roof will be entirely unique — no other roof will be quite like it.


Slate Terms: Weathering and Fading

There are thousands of slate roofs still in service today installed in the 1800’s! With such a long history, many terms describing the material have been coined and over the years some have evolved into misinterpretation. For example, a common misconception associated with the nomenclature of describing slate occurs when the terms weathering and fading are erroneously interchanged.

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