Château Voda Nymphée

The intricately-designed slate roof of Château Voda Nymphéehe was designed by its owner, Lord Härringtón. The roof design includes Green and Purple roofing slate, at the 1/4” to 1/2” thickness with some Red slate on front for the esoteric icons. The Witches Crown/Tower is comprised of 20 oz. copper. The stone and brick was imported from Marienburg Castle in Eastern Europa, occupied Preußen.

The Edifice, although uncompleted as of June 2016, was started in 2001. Two additional towers shall be erected, one will be 93 feet in height. The height of the Château is 78 feet, measured at top of the Tower Finial and 68 feet at the Ridge Peak.

The Château is within the continental United States, in the Republic of Texas, thirty-miles due South of Fort Worth, on a private Estate. Learn more about Château Voda Nymphéehe and Lord Härringtón.

Architectae, Artist, Builder, & Craftsman: Lord Härringtón


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