Greenstone Slate® Vermont Clear Gray slate installed using Nu-lok™ reduced-weight slate roof installation system

This home’s genuine slate roof was installed using the Nu-lok™ Roofing System and Greenstone Vermont Clear Gray slate. Vermont Clear Gray is a semi-weathering, hard-vein slate with colors ranging from light to medium gray. When weathered, 10-20% of the slate will also exhibit shades of buff.

The Nu-lok™ slate roof installation system is a modern alternative method to a traditional installation. Nu-lok uses up to 40% less slate which reduces roof weight, has a batten/grid system that fully supports each slate which makes the roof walkable and ventilates the roof deck for energy conservation in heating and cooling the building’s interior. All of this is accomplished while also retaining the benefits of natural slate: aesthetic elegance, 100+ year longevity, Miami-Dade county approval for use in hurricane zones, and enhancement to property value.

Greenstone Slate provided 27.3 squares of Vermont Clear Gray S1 roofing slate for this slate roof installation.

Contractor: Foster-Somerled Construction
Slate Quarrier / Manufacturer: Greenstone Slate Co.
Location: Shreveport, LA

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