New England residence with Greenstone Vermont Black slate roof

This large residential estate in New England showcases a beautifully detailed Vermont Black slate roof with multiple slate turrets that give it a castle-like aesthetic. Greenstone Vermont Black, like all Greenstone Slate®, bears the ASTM S1 rating for longevity —the highest rating available — and a Class 4 hail rating, also the highest possible rating.

Greenstone Slate provided 150 sq. of slate for the project in widths of 18RW, 16RW, and 14RW for the random width slate roof design. Slate thickness ranged from 1/2-3/8″ to 1″ – 1 1/2″.

Contractor: Maultz Construction
Project Location: New England
Slate Quarrier / Manufacturer: Greenstone Slate Co.

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