Nu-lok Stone Cladding is the Solution for University of Alaska – Integrated Science Building

The University of Alaska was searching for a solution to accomplish several goals while planning their new 120,000 square foot Integrated Science Building for their Anchorage campus. The entire $91M project was to feature sustainable design solutions. The benefits of using the Nu-lok™ system for installing slate roofs apply directly to the installation of building siding or cladding. There were several goals that the Nu-lok Slate Cladding achieved for the University, including:

  • The longevity of slate – slate, a natural stone, can last 100 years or longer.
  • Aesthetic and environmental appeal of natural slate.
  • Cost, thermal performance and access goals met.
  • Cost savings as a result of short installation time.
  • High wind and earthquake resistance – Miami-Dade Approved.
  • Continual air circulation around the cladding and installation design solved moisture/mold concerns.
  • Contribution to energy efficiency through Nu-lok’s excellent insulating characteristics.
  • Ease of building access, with simple individual slate tile removal for maintenance, service, or building alterations.

“When the owner and architects found Nu-lok, it overshadowed the competitors with its complete installation system and Miami-Dade County hurricane zone rating. For us, we used the same Nu-lok installation materials as we do for a roof. Then we added a simple U-shaped shim on the battens that positioned the slate an ideal distance from the wall, minimized thermal transfer into the interior, and because of its shape, assured that any water finding its way behind the slate could not accumulate.”

— Roland Kay, K’s Construction, project contractor

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