Traditional Slate Roof Installation

We always recommend that a professional slate roofing contractor install a traditional slate roof. We have worked with many professionals over the years and we are ready to assist with product, technique and technical issues that may arise. Since slate will inevitably outlast the materials and accessories used during installation, the better they are the better longevity of the roof.

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For a look at some suggestions for slate roof installation materials click here.

Our primary publication for installing slate roofs is available for download below. Visit our Technical Documents page for more available documentation.


Contractors find these an invaluable resource for finding answers to common questions such as the proper method of stacking slate as well as expert techniques about uncommon installations. Our book Slate Roofs contains the history of slate and the evolution of the slate manufacturing process.

The Greenstone Slate Installation Guide Book

A comprehensive guide to installing a slate roof.

Slate Roofs

An installation guide.

We are ready to assist with selecting and specifying slate, advising on installation, or installation techniques.

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