How to Install a Lightweight Slate Roof

One of the primary benefits of slate is its density. Its shear weight offers protection that no other material can. Since stone is heavier than most other roofing materials, care must be taken to make sure the building’s structure will support it. Traditionally, structural reinforcement is installed if weight is a problem.

Today, there are alternative installation methods that can reduce the weight of the roof to under 6 lbs sq. ft., making slate quite practical as a cedar shake upgrade. At the same time, they add some benefits of their own such as integrated solar panels, even better thermal performance and easier access for roof service. Over the last 20 years, we have been working directly with innovative companies that offer excellent lightweight solutions where no compromise is made in the quality of the slate—they simply use less of it!

SlateTec™ installation – Lowest cost genuine S1 rated slate roof you can buy!

The SlateTec patented slate roofing system reduces the weight of a slate roof by applying their very rugged interlayment under the slate. Using SlateTec’s interlayment the installer is able reduce the slate overlap or headlap which make each slate protect more area, therefore, less slate is required—the key to its cost effectiveness. SlateTec says that their system will reduce roof weight by 35-40%


The benefits of SlateTec

  • Reduces weight to under six pounds per square foot
  • S1 rated Greenstone Slate®
  • Overall roof cost reduction.
  • Very similar to traditional installation techniques but with less slate overlap.
  • All the traditional slate roof options are available including: random widths, color blends, drop downs, and staggers
  • Patented, rugged interlayment.

Nu-lok™ Roofing System – for a lightweight, walk-able, genuine slate roof

Nu-lok, in use around the world since the 1980s, places the roofing slates edge-to-edge with no overlap on a grid supported by battens with special galvalume supports that channel water falling between the slates down the roof. This method uses up to 40% less slate, reducing material cost and roof weight. A Nu-lok slate roof installation is a highly sustainable approach to roofing as it not only uses natural slate with S1 longevity, it uses less of it. It adds to the energy efficiency of the building because the batten system holds the slate away from the roof allowing natural ventilation under the slate keeping the roof cooler. A Nu-lok roof facilitates flush solar panels that is arguably the most elegant solar panel installation system there is!  Nu-lok is truly a 21st century roof solution that retains the traditional benefits of slate.


Nu-lok Slate Roofing System

  • Less than six pounds per square foot
  • S1 rated Greenstone Slate®
  • Walkable genuine slate roof
  • Installed using unique serviceable batten grid system
  • Easy roof maintenance
  • Optional solar panel integration

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