Semi-weathering Gray / Green

Greenstone Architectural Roofing Slate

Over time, this gray / green Vermont slate yields a variety of rich earth tones. When extracted from the quarry it is a monochromatic. Some slates, about 10-25%, will gradually change to soft tones of buffs and tans after exposure to the weather. Semi-weathering Gray Green slate gives a rustic, textured appearance to a roof and is used extensively on commercial, residential and institutional buildings.

All Greenstone Slate meets or exceeds ASTM requirements as an S-1 rated roofing slate.

What slate grade should you choose?

Slate is available in several grades or thicknesses ranges. Since slate is hand split, there is always some thickness variation, so each slate grade covers a range of thickness. It is generally considered that the better the grade, the better the aesthetic appearance as the characteristics of the stone become more apparent. This makes your slate grade selection is nearly as important as the slate color you choose!

See a wide range of slate roofs in our project gallery

View a variety of fine residences and institutional application with Greenstone genuine Vermont slate roofs. Often slate color and texture is chosen to blend with the immediate surroundings or other nearby structures. We are available to assist with color and grade matching and advise on popular color and texture blends. Call us a 800 619 4333 and visit our slate roof project gallery.

Key things to know when buying a slate roof

Slate is natural stone, found all around the world and it is by no means all the same. However, sorting out the differences in slate does not take long and you can rely on independent ratings to guide you to a quality choice. To learn more about slate terms as well as Greenstone’s slate ratings, colors blends, and thicknesses or slate grades, start with the Greenstone Guide to Buying Slate

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