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No other roofing material has the natural beauty and durability of slate!

Slate has been acclaimed for generations as the ultimate roofing material. It is natural stone that has the remarkable ability to be manufactured into thin tiles of uniform thickness. A slate roof simply has no equal in durability and natural beauty. Slate enhances the aesthetic design of nearly any building with its variety of rich natural slate colors and slate textures. There are many benefits to a slate roof from longevity and appearance to energy conservation. Greenstone has been a leader in crafting Vermont roofing slate for well over half a century, and has shipped product nationwide for residential and institutional slate projects. We invite architects, contractors, project managers and property owners to contact us with any question you might have about slate or to get a quote.

Send us an e-mail, use our Slate QuickBid System or call us at 800 619 4333.

Vermont Slate is nature’s best slate!


From color to texture to durability, Vermont slate exhibits the best characteristics of slate. Slate is a metamorphic stone and is essentially laminated rock -- which is why it has the ability to be split into slate tiles. The geological conditions in the Vermont region when its slate was formed resulted in some of the world's strongest, highest density slate. In fact, Greenstone's slate comes with a 100 year warranty* -- a warranty that no other roofing material comes close to matching (*ask us for our detailed warranty statement).

Slate outperforms all man-made roofing materials

Advanced materials technology has generated some new roofing materials over the years, but slate remains the clear leader in creating the world's longest lasting and most trouble-free roofing material. It is the standard by which all others are compared.

The Greenstone Slate Company is dedicated to quality service and superior technical support

For more than half a century, we have built our reputation on product consistency, excellence in slate manufacturing, and expert technical back-up of slate roofing contractors. We are always ready to help make the installation match the quality of the slate! We advise contractors on tried and true slate installation methods as well as the latest technology in slate installation materials and slate accessories.

Now you can install a Lightweight Slate Roof with Greenstone Vermont Slate

Lightweight slate systems are perfect for cedar shake roof replacement, upgrades or new construction with reduced structural costs. These two technologies dramatically reduce roof weight and amount of slate needed for a genuine slate roof. All the benefits of slate are achieved as well as many additional features in the following lightweight installation systems:

Nu-lok roofing system mounts slate tiles on a grid that minimizes overlap, makes an insulating air space, and optional solar panel integration. Learn more ...

SlateTec roofing system uses a signature interlayment to allow for less slate tile overlap, saving slate and weight. Learn more ...

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